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06 May 2024 Burstow Park Riding Centre Spring Show - Results

 Well done to Everyone who came out in this weather


1st Hugo Poirier - Plasdelyn Woodsmoke 2nd Immy Simmons - Aramis

3rd Madison Watson - Mutsey

4th Josie Chapman - Biscuit

5th Luca Gorvett - Sarah

6th Savanna Fuller - Pikeshill Summer


1st Isabella Gorvett - Sarah

2nd Madison Watson - Mutsey

3rd Immy simmons - Aramis

4th Missie Thomas - Bliss

5th Scarlett Shuker - Jet

6th Josie chapman - Biscuit


1st Faye Tutin - Mutsey

2nd Jasmine Setterfield - Mutsey

3rd Immy Simmons - Aramis

4th Scarlett Shuker - Jet

5th Millie Norris - Joey

6th Maisy Keen - Biscuit


1st Jessica Walker - Christopher

2nd Millie Norris - Joey

3rd Paige Bowley - Clover

4th Mia Pizzi - Corofin

5th Hazel Hester - Tango

6th Lucy Poirier - Plasdelyn Woodsmoke 70cm

1st Lucy Poirier - Taboo

2nd Mia Pizzi - Corofin

80 cm

1st Lucy Poirier - Taboo

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